Duct Wrap

Fiber glass All-Services Duct Wrap insulation is a blanket of glass fibers, factory-laminated to a Foil-Scrim-Kraft (FSK) vapor retarder facing or other designated foil.

Fiber glass All-Services Duct Wrap insulation is used to insulate commercial and residential heating, air conditioning and dual-temperature ducts operating at temperatures from 4 C to 121 C. This insulation, when applied in accordance with installations instructions, will provide the “Installed R-Value” as published for the product and printed on the facing, thus assuring specified in-place thermal performance and condensation control.

EnDuraGold™ Duct System

Using Owens Corning fiber glass duct board 475/800 series as the main material and auxiliary materials such as pressure/thermal sensitive adhesive tapes, clasp nails, etc., Owens Corning EnDuraGold Duct System able to be made directly at the construction site, is a high-performance heat insulation air duct system of light weight and great health benefit. Following UL181A standard, the product realizes perfect combination of thermal and acoustic performance with stable air flow.

Owens Corning EnDuraGold Duct System allows quick and easy making of square and rectangular air duct component such as direct duct, bend, reducing duct, boot-shaped duct, T-shaped duct, etc., And effective integration of such components into complete air transmission system for heat supply, ventilation, air conditioning purposes in various types of commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Pipe Insulation

Owens Corning pink-colored fiber glass pipe insulation is made of thin long fiber glass with environmentally adhesive bond through special processes. It can be applied for heat insulation purposes on various types of cold and hot pipes and covered or uncovered pipes. The special fiber glass material contributes to extremely good performances of heat insulation as well as extrusion and impact resistance.

Owens Corning also provides various moisture-proof overlay materials and related accessories (such as adhesive tapes) for the fiber glass pipe insulation according to the current heating and ventilation system design requirements in USA. These products are all OEM processed with guarantee of smooth overlay surface, able to meet with heat insulation and moisture resistance needs in various circumstances.